Shortcuts into German Grammar

Open Shortcuts into German Grammar Module

German grammar is constantly perceived as difficult, a strong disincentive to learning the language, yet the underlying principles are basically simple. If you can apply them consistently you can produce German of a high level of accuracy using uncomplicated techniques based on the concept of markedness.

This Online Grammar offers a theoretical grounding couched in understandable terms, a terminological glossary and an easily accessible expandable set of technologically based exercises with extensive linked help functions. These can be used serially as an entire learning unit or selectively to enable you to put your knowledge into practice and improve your skill and success in German. 

The program, initially funded with the generous help of the Challenge Fund of the Unit for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (UELT) of the University of Kent, concentrates on the most frequently occurring points of difficulty for English native speaking learners of German. It is continuously being expanded with contributions from experienced German instructors from various institutions.

If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact either Katrin Uhlig ( or Dr. John Partridge ( who would welcome any comments or feedback.

Theoretical background: John Partridge (

Technical implementation and material development: Susanne Krauß

Technical and content coordination: Katrin Uhlig (

Contributing authors: Veronika Koeper-Saul, Katrin Uhlig, Sascha Stollhans, Sabrina Link

Article on Shortcuts in German Grammar in Linguistik online 54, 4/2012